May 1, 2018
By: Jeff Terrell

Looking for work

I have an exciting new job lined up on July 1 (stay tuned for that announcement update: see announcement here), but I have about a month and a half free between now and then. Anybody have a project they could use my help on? I specialize in Clojure[script], data analytics and visualization, and Javascript, and I've been known to work on Rails and other projects as well. You can find my résumé here and my LinkedIn Profile here.

Here's a summary of my skills:

I am a versatile programmer with a deep bag of tricks and an eye towards beautiful, maintainable code. I learn quickly and communicate well; I am disciplined and responsible; and I will be the sort of freelance programmer you would hire again and again.

And here's a recommendation, from former client Peter Nixey, YCombinator S07 alumnus, then CEO and founder of

Jeff has all of the characteristics that one could look or hope for in a developer. Most valuable of all are his excellent communication skills and his diligence: he documents his work well, keeps to meetings and is extremely good at articulating both progress and challenges. As a developer he is highly intelligent, calm, reliable, diligent hard working and honest. If he doesn’t know something he will quickly and efficiently come up to speed on it and has good self-awareness about what time he spends developing and what time he spends learning. I thoroughly recommend working with Jeff and have very much enjoyed our interactions.

You can find my email address in my résumé.

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